"I feel something inside me. Something dark." I looked away in shame.
"It's something…evil." I placed my hand on my chest in an attempt to hide it.
Ryker placed his fingers on my chin and gently brought my face back to his.

"Then let it come out and play." he said with a wicked smile.

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My name is Arlana and there is evil inside me. Don’t get me wrong, I am a good person...at least I try to be. I trained myself to be a fighter, so that I would be ready at my eighteenth birthday. That was the plan. I was a chosen one touched by the hand of God in my mother’s womb and Shatira was supposed to unlock my inner powers when I turned eighteen. That was the plan...but there is evil inside me.
I’ll have to earn my right to be a part of the group of hunters at my school. Lavinia takes well to me and lets me tag along, she is what would be considered, the leader of the group. Ira doesn’t trust me, he’s Lavinia’s right hand man. I’ll do whatever it takes to earn their trust, maybe then, Shatira will unleash my powers, so that I may become a true hunter.
There is a new danger in town, a half demon half angel with incredible powers. His eyes are piercing, his strength is enticing, and his hold on me is addicting. That new danger in town could possibly ruin my chances of proving myself or at least change my mind on the matter. Only time will tell.